Hi, we’re Blue State Digital.

Here’s what we do.

Ask people to do something small, like get email updates about a long-shot presidential candidate. Then ask people to place themselves within a larger community, like Vogue readers describing the first time they picked up the magazine. Or ask people to tell their own story—and become a part of a movement. Make it easy to take action, like supporting a free and open web. Or donating to a cause with just one click. Make sure to take advantage of moments for rapid-response advocacy—and transform a historic organization in the process. Then ask people to get even more involved, like meeting up with fellow Packers fans in person. Above all, make it fun.

We've helped some of the best causes, brands, and campaigns change the way they interact with people, with results they can measure.

We’re veterans of campaigns, brands,
nonprofits, and the tech world.